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Dear visitor, here you have the opportunity to take part in a work.
By clicking on the picture above you can view / print the PDF file,
and take part in the campaign with them. Instructions are included.

(All project participants can take part in the planned exhibition)

Special exhibition "art concret in Thuringia"

The Forum Konkrete Kunst in Erfurt showed:

A selection of concrete artists from Thuringia
with positions from the past and present,

Izabela Bick Baginski, Pawel Baginski, Karl Heinz Bastian, Marianne Conrad,
Ralph Eck, Horst Feiler, Uta Feiler, Rüdiger Franke, Robert Krainhöfner,
Kerstin Gnauck, Karl-Friedrich Krohn, Thomas Lindner, Goran Matošević,
Mechthild Oehler, Ulf Raecke, Thomas Schwarz, Gudrun Wiesmann, Harald Zilly

from May 8th to July 19th, 2015

"24 x ART - CHRISTMAS" in the M1 - art zone

The gallery "M1" in Gera showed:

Pellkofer-Grießhammer, Schaller, Kuhlmann, Borchard, Seidel, Koch, Protzmann,
Leyh, Henne, Voigtmann, Buskies, Oehler, Hampel, Hochstein, Kühn-Leihbecher,
Werner, Rasch, Wunderlich, Grawitter, Zech, Göpfert, Schmidt, Zamseil, Noack,
Leps, Herold, Mader, Runge, Bohlen, Lepke, Wolf-Brinckmann, Schleicher, Schulze,
Matošević, Lange, Neuber, Claußen, Güntsche

from November 28 to Dezember 14, 2014

"The art goes to the city"

The Vordemberg Gildewart House und "Liebig29" creative center in in Osnabrück showed:

from September 28th to November 2nd, 2014

Unique grahics by international concrete artists,
which have already been shown in Erfurt,
Darmstadt and Rehau.

"The art goes to the city"

The art house IKKP Rehau showed:

from September 27th to November 5th, 2013

Uniqu graphics by international concrete artists,
which have already been shown in Erfurt and Darmstadt.

"24 x ART - CHRISTMAS" in M1 - art zone

The gallery "M1" in Gera showed:

Pellkofer-Grießhammer, Reichel, Koch, Kuhlmann, Borchard, Seidel, Schaller, Buskies,
Protzmann, Leyh, Henne, Voigtmann, Oehler, Zech, Hampel, Mader, Kühn-Leihbecher,
Lindner, Klos, Bohn, Wunderlich, Neubert, Runge, Grawitter, Schmidt, Werner, Stephan,
Klein, Kontak, Matošević, Krainhöfner, Pohl, Albrecht , Probst, Just, Seifarth

from November 30th to December 16en, 2012

"The art goes to the city"

The Institute for New Technical Form - Darmstadt showed:

from October 16en to November 13,2011

Unique graphics by international concrete artists,
which have already been shown in Erfurt.

QuadrART Dornbirn

The QuadrART in Dornbirn/ Austria showed:

from February 24th to April 16en 2011 the exhibition


curated by: Dr Juliane Huber
Artists: Barbara Hindahl, Jockel Heenes, Goran Matošević,Michael Witlatschil.

Gallery "M1"

The gallery "M1" in Gera showed:

from May 28th to July 25th, 2010
brand new pictures by Goran Matošević (New Concrete Art) and other guests

Stadtwerke Jena - Pößneck

Performance with guests aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Photo: Ingrid Richter

Die Stadtwerke Jena - Pößneck showed "Works of Concrete Art"

by Goran Matošević, from April 22nd to May 30th, 2010

The presented exhibition enabled in
good cooperation and the friendly support
Stadtwerke Jena - Pößneck and art gallery Huber & Treff

kunsthalle messmer / Nomination for the André-Evard-Art Prize

The "kunsthalle messmer" in Riegel showed artists of the

Concrete art for the "2nd Internationaler André-Evard-Art Prize"

from March 6th to May 23th, 2010

Jena University Hospital


At the invitation of the Jena University Hospital, numerous works of Concrete Art
maded by my self and have been presented in the line of the hospital.

From March 4th to April 30, 2010

Otto Dix Stadt Gera

Work stay in the Gera studio apartment

from March 08th to April 01st, 2010

At the invitation of the city of Gera,
I got the opportunity to see the city at its core and to get to know.

My thanks go especially to the city of Gera for the excellent support as well
my friends, patrons and sponsors. I also thank the nice people
who welcomed me openly and warmly into theircircle and my stay have enriched.

Forum Konkrete Kunst

The Forum Konkrete Kunst in Erfurt showed
from October 4th, 2009 to February 1st, 2010

Works by Goran Matošević

"Werkgruppe für Forum Konkrete Kunst"

"The art goes to the city"

The Forum Konkrete Kunst in Erfurt showed

from May 4th, 2009 to August 23th, 2009

Unique graphics from international concrete artists.

Gallery pack of patches

The pack of patches gallery showed in Jena:

"how beautiful we are"

with art works by

Steffen Cyrus, Andrea Esswein, Joachim Graf, Grit Höhn, Sabine C. Sauermilch,
Toralf Kandera, Ralf Kopp, Goran Matošević, Franziska Rõhlig, Nadine Jacobi,
Walther-Maria Scheid, Anke Stiller, Gudrun Wiesmann, Reinhard Wand

ARTTHUER 2008 in Erfurt

Artthuer, the largest art fair in Thuringia, invited me to show my works
to the general public.

Many thanks to the Association of Visual Artists Thuringia.

badisches kunstforum

After the judging
showed the "badische kunstforum" from October 18en to December 6th, 2008



Frank Föckler, Heitersheim
Michael Heinrich, Ebstorf
Goran Matošević, Jena
Dietlinde Stengelin, Langenargen

International Email coating Symposium 2008 in Erfurt

The city of Erfurt showed in September / October 2008:

The beauty of geometry

The city of Erfurt invited artists for the International Email coating Symposium
Blanka Cepková (Slovakia), Uta Feiler (Germany), Eva Kučerová-Landsbergrová
(Czech Republic), Bernd Misgajski (Germany), Peter Skubic (Austria), Andrzej
Szadkowski (Poland), Olga Podfilipska-Krysinska (Poland), Rolf Lindner (Germany)
and Goran Matošević (Croatia) .

Many thanks to the city of Erfurt for the opportunity to get to know enamelling.

Light installation

Visitors in action and talking about the work of art

On Sunday, July 6th, 2008 started at 9 p.m. for 8 hours
the light installation "BLUE - YELLOW - RED" in the Glashaus - Paradies Park, Jena

In cooperation with the "Glashaus im Paradies e.V."
and with the friendly support of:

Art action "BLUE"

Guests of the "BLUE" dicussion forum are realizing the art action

The art action took place on February 2nd, 2008.
The start of "Jena. City of Science 2008"
was carried out in cooperation with JenaKultur.
I gladly accepted the invitation
to support the discussion forum with the art campaign.

My thanks go to JenaKultur and everyone involved, including mine
have made art action possible.


Installation at the entrance of the
"Freien Kunstakademie Mannheim"
(Free Art Academy Mannheim)
U3,1 in Mannheim.